Accelerate project planning and execution.

Reduce accidents at work.

Significantly decrease the rework rate.

Perform quick and secure inspections.

Plan and execute solar energy projects with Mappa.

  • Increase productivity and automate processes.
  • Make your inspection routine quick and efficient with drones and orthomosaics.
  • Collect accurate measurements in a few clicks using measurement tools.
  • Create more accurate designs with the help of high-resolution drone maps
  • Use 3D models to predict possible shading on signs.
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Discover how drone maps increase project accuracy by up to 98%.

Accelerate the execution of works and reduce rework with Mappa.

  • Access projects and maps wherever you are.
  • Monitor works and manage projects from a distance.
  • Have centralized information in one place.
  • Store your results in the cloud.
  • Share processing results with customers and collaborators in just a few clicks.
  • Take automated measurements on site.
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Accelerate your results with Mappa.

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