Generate up-to-date and accurate data quickly

Reduce rework at every step

Optimize inspection routines

Automate and accelerate processes

Reduce operating costs

Create the work plan with Mappa.

  • Get surveys 75% faster.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Generate orthomosaics, MDT, MDS, point clouds and contour lines automatically.
  • Get visual information and get an accurate understanding of the area of ​​interest.
  • Collect measurements and calculate areas without having to go to the field.
  • Import processing results into CAD, BIM and GIS software.
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Find out how to reduce the time spent planning works by 75%.

Accelerate the execution of works and reduce rework with Mappa.

  • Compare inspection flights to the original design to ensure workmanship accuracy.
  • Catch errors before they jeopardize your schedule and budget.
  • Create an agile and safe inspection routine using Orthomosaics.
  • Make more accurate earthworks with the Point Cloud.
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Accelerate your results with Mappa.

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