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Discover the benefits of online drone image processing.

More efficiency and productivity.

With Mappa you do away with complex configurations. Just upload the drone footage, wait and voila! You will already have all the processing results you need.

Low initial investment.

Save when starting your mapping operation with Mappa! Skip the high cost of hardware and lifetime licenses.

Process images on your notebook.

That’s right, you don’t need a supercomputer.
With Mappa, you just need to use your notebook and be connected to the internet to start generating orthomosaics, contour lines and much more.

The results you need in a single software.


Waiting hours and defining complex parameters to generate an orthomosaic? In Mappa it is not necessary.
Generate accurate and up-to-date visual data about the area of ​​interest and accelerate your results.

Extensions: .tif .kmz

DTM, DSM and Contour Lines

Generate accurate DTM, DSM and contour lines in just 10 clicks, integrate with the software you already use and increase your productivity.

Extensions: .shp .dxf .tif

Point Cloud

With the point cloud generated in Mappa you can obtain 3D data and integrate it with other software quickly. It has never been so simple to get relevant information about your projects!

Extensions: .las .xyz .txt

Generate drone maps in
10 clicks, simple as that.

Optimize your time and create orthomosaics, MDT, MDS,
contour lines, point cloud and 3D models automatically.

Integrate processing results with your favorite software.

See the main functionalities that Mappa has

  • Automatic image processing.
  • Upload files in .zip.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Orthomosaics and Orthomosaic Lite.
  • Automatic drone maps.
  • MDT, MDS and contour lines.
  • 3D models.
  • Flight comparison.
  • Processing quality report.
  • Processing sharing.
  • Densified and simplified point cloud.
  • Area estimation, measurement and coordinate collection tools.

Innovative solutions
made for your business.

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Use visual data in favor of
success of your business.